Believe it or not, we do get some frequently asked questions. Most of them are answered here, but if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to post on our Forums.


Q: What are some of the projects Damasca has been host to?

  • Forum-based Storytelling has been an easy staple of Damasca. Community members start new threads to launch a story, and it is then successively added to by others. Many interesting scenarios have played out this way!
  • The Damasca Project aims to create a free player-driven game with an overall aesthetic appearance comparable to the Secret of Mana series. Taking on roles as characters in the game world, players are to be able to control the alliances between the game's seven kingdoms, execute military strikes with players as units, and interact with a generally open-ended environment. Unique gameplay elements include an entirely player-run society, complete with debates, merchantry, and other alternative play styles. The project has a 2D top-down graphics style, and runs on its own open source codebase. All game content is intended to be original and unique.
  • Project Novo is a much-reduced version of the above, intended for a very small player base and to act as a simplistic stepping stone towards the larger Damasca Project.
  • The Damasca Wiki catalogs all pertinent information regarding the Damasca universe as it has been decided by the community in the forums.

Q: When will a given project be finished?
  • The answer: When it's done™. We're a small group who work on this forum in our spare time, and as such, we can't be expected to turn out finished material as quickly as a professional company. (3D Realms not withstanding.) If you want to speed up development, you can always contribute something.

Q: Where'd the name "Damasca" come from?
  • The word "Damasca" is simply an alteration of the word "Damascus", which is a city in the middle-east and a type of alloy used in swords. It was chosen because at the time, the creator thought it sounded good. Notably, the project has worn this name since 1999, which predates the usage of a similar word in one of the newer Final Fantasy games.

Q: Is Damasca dead?
  • No. What with college and work, there are occasions when we have little time to devote to the forum. That does not mean it is dead. Again, if you want to spur some activity, you can contribute something.


Q: Is This or That Project Dead?
  • It happens sometimes. Occasionally, a given project might be too big to handle, or there just might not be enough community members with the skill or time to devote to one. Damasca itself lives on, but there are a few projects we have sitting around that simply can't work without the right conditions.

Q: Can I help?
  • Are you good? Post a sample of your work on our Forums. Don't be afraid of criticism- we just want to help you make the most of your work. If we can use it, chances are it will be accepted.

Q: Will I get paid for my work on Damasca?
  • Unfortunately, paid compensation would qualify as a business decision, and it would have to be handled accordingly. Due to the community nature of Damasca, as well as our values on the matter, it would not be possible to pay any one contributor without paying others and turning the site itself into a business venture. Such a move would be something that we are not capable of, and thus, no compensation is currently possible.

Q: If Damasca is free, how does it stay afloat?
  • Damasca is supported out of our own pockets. If you want to donate, you can find more information on our Forums. Your donation will only be used to cover costs of upkeep such as bandwidth, webspace and domain names.

Q: Why don't you use (X Engine) to make a game instead of trying to build your own?
  • That depends largely on the engine's cost, capabilities and any licensing restrictions that come with it. If the fine print says anything to the effect of "we (the engine creators) get rights to any content you create for this engine" then we probably can't use it.