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Kingdom Information

Within the vast world of Damasca, spanning across four massive continents, lies the Kingdoms themselves. Of course... Not all of them share the same view as to how the world should be. Alliances form, and enemies emerge, from kingdoms dominated by powerful mages to kingdoms filled with sturdy knights - From Kingdoms created by honour, to Kingdoms created through bloodshed.

In total, there are seven Kingdoms fighting bloody battles and forging lasting alliances with one another in the world of Damasca. Each society has its own strengths, weaknesses, skills, training and history to explore.

Kingdom Mentality Colours Crest
Kiyanda Strict, Honorable Samurai Gold, dark gray
Ganiada Stealthy Thieves and Rogues Black, brown
Halkonas Elite, hardened Dragoons Blue, red
Arnoth Stalwart, fearless Warriors Red, gold
Keldor Elemental Rangers White, emerald
Delthia Peaceful Healers and Defenders White, light blue
Alkemia Powerful Offensive Mages Black, red

Kingdom Relations

Wheel of Conflict / Kingdom Relations chart
Kingdom Allies Enemies
Kiyanda Arnoth, Delthia Ganiada, Halkonas
Ganiada Alkemia, Halkonas Delthia, Kiyanda
Halkonas Ganiada, Alkemia Arnoth, Kiyanda
Arnoth Kiyanda, Keldor Halkonas, Alkemia
Keldor Arnoth Alkemia
Delthia Kiyanda Ganiada
Alkemia Halkonas, Ganiada Arnoth, Keldor