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The Lands of Damasca

Magrathea: A very large continent, Magrathea once teemed with life before it was ripped asunder by the catastrophic holocaust that sank it into the ocean. Initiated by the Alkemian Necromancer, Trunker, the holocaust decimated all living things on the landmass. Fauna, flora, and Damascans alike all sank into the ocean with Magrathea, never to be seen the same way again. In destroying Magrathea, Trunker unlocked the key to Medravius' prison, freeing the rogue god to wreak havoc on the world. It wasn't until some time after the sinking that the continent itself was recovered, thanks to selfless collaboration between the most powerful Delthian mages, but now reeks of the undead who roam the land with but one purpose: To search and destroy all living creatures.

Dureign: One of Damasca's oldest and most densely populated continents, Dureign is home to thriving trade as well as many things old and forgotten. Due to its geographical position, the climates found on its surface range dramatically from vast, sprawling plains land, to dense forests, shimmering lakes with rolling hills and even towering mountains. Dureign is therefore the ideal home to the capitol cities of Arnoth and Ganiada, and before nearly losing their civilization to Arnoth, Alkemia's capitol was located here as well. During the Arnoth-Alkemia war, the people inhabiting the land were distracted from more pressing matters. The lunatic Arnothian General, Tritan, found therein the perfect political climate in which to assemble a grand and terrible army loyal to the rogue god Medravius, who was imprisoned in a dungeon perched in Damasca's tallest mountains. This paved the way for the holocaust that destroyed Magrathea and forever changed the face of Makarda.

Makarda: Humid and bursting with life, Makarda has historically been a pristine example of a climate suitable for hunting and agriculture, never experiencing the seasons of autumn nor winter. Since the induction of the holocaust, however, the local wildlife has become increasingly disfigured, sometimes mutated to the point of dementia, increasing the rate of wildlife hostility. Meanwhile, drought and famine have all but destroyed agriculture on Makarda, forcing many farmers to the brink of poverty.

Dactura: Long forgotten by the rest of the world, Dactura has been left in solitude for generations. Once the great war between Arnoth and Alkemia forced the mage kingdom to seek a new home, the native culture was forced to enter the global political arena, since they could no longer remain hidden from the eyes of other, more sociable nations. In spite of newfound political troubles, Dactura has long suffered from worse - A plague of wild and hostile Elemental spirits, born from the very magic that flows through the fabric of the continent. While these elementals thrive and feed from the magical powers that saturate its environment, Dactura is also victim to the twisted workings of "the sleeper" - Darius, who is said by the elites who know him to be at the root of the elemental problem.