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Halkonas Halkonas
Dragoons bound by duty and driven toward unprecedented skill and valour...

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Military Strength:Military Strength
Signature Unit:Dragoon
White Knight
Dragon Knight
No crest available.

Citizens of this fallen kingdom tend to think in very limited terms, i.e. their own survival first and the rest of Damasca second. Those who manage to overcome this tunnel vision and see the planet as a whole are few. Practice with a favored weapon, as well as sharpening one's skills to make the most use and profit from them, is the rule, not the exception. This kingdom is populated only by those who have suffered to make a living; everyone else has died.

Compassion and mercy are rare qualities in any Halkonas citizen, as they are of no use in day-to-day survival. The citizens of Halkonas are somewhat akin to fencers; Not the strongest on the battlefield, but with a flurry of pinpoint-accurate strikes, they emerge victorious in the end. Halkonas' training regimen focuses on skill, rather than brute force, as the great equalizer.

The Halkonas live within a medieval world, paying homage to their monarch as the protector of their lands and link to the outside world. Training plays a major role in their lives, as every man, woman, and child can be called upon to defend their village from invasion, as well as succeed in their chosen profession. The fighting comes from inside as well as out, after the Magrathean holocaust shook the entire world and changed its face. Makarda's new environment has brought severe drought, driving what little life still exists on the continent to fight viciously for its fair share.

The kingdom of Halkonas is a monarchy, pure and simple. His Majesty's word is law, and the law is absolute until a situation forces it to be changed or left by the roadside. Halkonas' rulers generally try to provide as much as they can for their subjects, in contrast to the stark 'each man on his own' seen in the hamlets and villages. Halkonas retains neutral relations with most of Damasca, neither caring for the welfare of others nor damning them for their actions. The only exceptions are Alkemia, viewed as rogues because they posess power without hardship, and Kiyanda, for whom Halkonas holds great respect.

Halkonas regularly imports large amounts of food to support the populace in times of unbearable drought. To recuperate the loss, the kingdom's blacksmiths, miners, and scholars create much-needed goods such as weapons and raw ore to sell to others. Halkonas merchants travel the continents, vending their wares and tithing nearly 40% of all earnings back to the kingdom treasury.

The Military
The kingdom of Halkonas boasts a moderate standing army as well as a trained peasant militia, divided into five seperately functioning units. Most uniforms consist of iron plate, reinforced with florin spikes on their shoulderplates and shields, though there are exceptions.

The first of these units is the Peasant Corps. Being the majority of the kingdom, Halkonas citizens are required from the age of ten to train in the arts of armored combat(males) or archery(females). Only in times of invasion does this subunit of the Halkonas armed forces take up arms. Relatively few peasants can afford a full suit of armor, so most are suited in their village's communal armory. Halkonas law dictates that each village be allotted ten iron breastplates, fifty spears(of any material stronger than wood), and fifty steel-studded wooden shields for defense. Any other armament or defense is the responsibility of the populace.

Next is the White Knights. This subunit of Halkonas' forces bear no weapons or armor in combat, acting as a back-lines reinforcement group. Talented young men and women are sent to study in Delthia's halls to learn the healing arts at a young age, returning after two years have passed to take their place as the only mages in the kingdom. They ride into battle on pure white mares, wielding defensive/healing spells and shields to aid the warriors. The common dress for a White Knight is that of a Delthian mage; a simple white robe with occasional red or blue stitched patterns. There are never more than one hundred White Knights in the kingdom at any one time.

The bulk of the kingdom's armed forces abroad are a unit called the Halkonas Regular. Any young male who shows an interest in the ways of the warrior can enlist in the Kingdom's army. The Regular spends a year training its soldiers in use of the glaive and longsword, to the exclusion of most other weapons. Fighters wishing to use other implements of war must seek their training from another source. At the completion of their training period, each soldier is issued a hooked glaive and a full suit of iron plate armor, complete with a round shield forged from Damascus ore. Only one-fifth of the Halkonas Regular serves as cavalry. The elite of the Regular may find themselves promoted into the Dragon Knights, recieving an additional year of training to master the leaping attack of Halkonas. Spears are the only weapons used by the Dragon Knights, but the intense training compensates for their lack of diversity. Never in the front lines during combat, a Dragon Knight is expected to leap high and strike hard after the initial rush, fighting their way into the center of any skirmish and working from there. The armory of Halkonas' castles is at the disposal of these battle-hardened men, and their iron helms are traded in for Damascus ones, shaped to resemble the skulls of dragons. They do not use shields, wielding two-handed spears instead.

Halkonas' leading circle is known as the Gem Court. The number of fighters in this unit is limited to the King, his three Generals, and their personal bodyguards. These men have risen through the ranks of the Regular and the Dragon Knights to train almost to perfection in their chosen weapon, be it spear, scythe, or bow. Any member of the Gem Court is considered a master of their weapon, and free to train any other warrior. Armor is personalized.

Every man, woman, and child in the kingdom of Halkonas who can train is taught first how to use a spear, and their weapon of choice second. Ergo, spears are the majority weapon in the kingdom, followed by swords, bows, and maces (in that order). Axes are seen mostly in the hands of lumberjacks, though a few are used in the Regular, and the Halkonas mage is almost unheard of. The kingdom looks down upon the use of whips, scourges, or other nonlethal weapons, and also upon users of magic, considering it to be a weapon of cowardice.