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Keldor Keldor
The Keldarii are proud rangers who become one with the past and nature itself to draw their strength...

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Military Strength:Military Strength
Signature Unit:Ranger
Keldarii Crest

Keldor is a very honour bound kingdom; a person is only as good as his word. They also hold healers in very high regard and as such think very highly of Delthia. Keldarii Aspect Warriors are figures of awe to the people and are treated with hospitality and respect, in turn the Warriors are often found policing the countryside, trying to rid the kingdom of monsters and bandits. The hope is, a Keldarii Warrior is never too busy to help someone in need.

The Keldarii are a proud people and much of their culture is based on military and religion. The Keldarii often seek strength and guidance from their ancestors when in battle or facing a difficult trial, many believe that the Keldarii ancestors are responsible for their magic. Keldor devotes a lot of time to military training: because their population isn't huge, each citizen must be trained to defend their Kingdom. Children that show a lot of potential are trained at an early age in the ways of Keldarii aspect magics.

The Keldarii are traditionally ruled over by a council with a monarch at the head but, for many years the throne has sat empty, as the king and his family were killed in a sinister Alkemian plot. The Kingdom has since been ruled over by the council alone, the player leadership will be the elected council members and the elected high Councillor.

The VonTemplar Family, descendants of the Great Wizard, has always acted as Guardians and Stewarts of the Throne in times of need.

The Keldarii use weaponry such as pole-arms, bladed weapons (swords/daggers) and the occasional gauntlet. They will never use an axe or hammer. The Keldarii wear very little armour at all, only the occasional buckler and arm or wrist band, as heavy armour would obstruct the flow of magic through their bodies.

The Keldarii have a unique form of magic in that they do not harness the elements, but tend to merge their power with the elements to enchant themselves and their weapons with special abilities. A Keldarii warrior can take on the aspects of one element at a time, for a limited period of time, then that element must recharge. Each element has it's own abilities, an air aspect would have a few jumping attacks and speed increases while an earth element may slow the player down while raising his power and toughness and possibly granting him minor earth spells at higher levels.

Allies and Enemies
Keldor is allied/has good relations with Delthia out of a respect for the positive use of Magic; there also have high respect for the honourable Kiyandans. All Keldarii have a bitter hatred for Alkemia, which stems from their territorial wars. They also view Ganiada with disgust - in light of their treacherous ways.