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Kiyanda Kiyanda
Samurai living by the strictest moral code in the land, honoured by all...

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Military Strength:Military Strength
Signature Unit:Samurai
Government:Imperial Senate
Kiyandan Crest


Kiyanda has a long history of valiant fighters who use their amazing skill for the furtherment of peace and justice, making Kiyanda's name synonymous with honour. Its fighters posess unmatched speed and agility in combat, with a strict moral code that keeps them from becoming disoriented during stressful situations.
Kiyandan armor is exceptionally light, and are formed so that it provides the greatest amount of freedom of movement as possible. While the armor will not stop many blows, it enables the soldier to move faster and outmaneuver their opponents, crushing them with a devastating flurry of light attacks with either light melee weaponry such as long rapiers or katanas, or unarmed combat.
Since this has been largely ineffective against most higher levels of armor, Kiyandans are also trained to be proficient with archery, with the intent to slow down their enemies' advance while weakening their armor and morale before arriving at melee range. This tactic balances it out against the brute force policy other kingdoms such as Arnoth adopt for their armies.


Every Kiyandan soldier is disciplined to the point where their ferocity can at will be stifled or brought forth knowing no bounds.
This discipline and combat skill comes from a training regimen that applies a strict moral code to each soldier, creating a black and white picture of what is and is not acceptible, what to fight and what not to fight, and so on.