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Ganiada Ganiada
Stealthy and mysterious rogues, known by some as allies, others as thieves...

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Military Strength:Military Strength
Signature Unit:Thief
Ganiadan Crest

Ganiada, situated in the badlands of Dureign, is a land filled with merchants, thieves and assassins, all of whom are interdependent. To say Ganiada brings to mind images of stealth, trickery, salesmanship, and deadly speed. Their preferred weaponry are concealed in nature, a class that includes daggers, blackjacks, and thrown darts, married with a compliment of loose-fitting brown leather cloaks and black fatigues, topped off with loose-fitting turbans to further conceal their identities. At times, to further enhance this effect, they also wear black paint on their faces. Unfortunately, their choice in clothing means that if a Ganiadan is caught with the edge of a blade, they have no armour to protect them.

The Ganiadan people are a people of freedom, no matter what the cost. They have little use for law, and what law there is usually has no impact on their daily lives. The most common occupations for a Ganiadan would involve the merchantry, the largest legitimate business that Ganiada has. Legitimate though it may be, the merchandise they sell usually comes in the form of spoils from the less legitimate sector - Thievery and assassination. Littering the borders of nearby kingdoms lie bands of Ganiadan thieves, who patrol the roads and plunder whatever riches an unsuspecting traveller might be carrying with them. A portion of what the thieves take is given to the merchants back in Ganiada, who recompense them with gold and sell the items for a much higher price. While this may be the main source of merchandise for the merchants, it is not the only one. A less popular career can be made in Ganiada by doing metalworking and metallurgy, mostly with gold or silver, a commodity of which the badlands is rich in supply. Those works are usually of very high quality, as crafters must compete with the spoils from other kingdoms.

The Ganiadan government is, officially, a democratically-elected representative, complete with cabinet. However, this government's only true role is to act as a front to Ganiada's dealings with other nations; Offering trade, "assistance", and so on. However, behind all this is the nation's true government: A single man, the most elite of all Ganiada. He alone controls the true workings of Ganiada, and also directs the activities of the democratic government, including the election process, where only officials of his choosing are elected. As such, to the rest of the world, it seems as though Ganiada is simply a democracy, whereas any Ganiadan could tell that this man was their true leader. For the good of the kingdom, however, the ruse is continued nationwide, and Ganiada fluorishes because of it.

Ganiada's military is almost wholely made up of mercenaries composed of the more elite bands of thieves and assassins circulating through the Ganiadan systems. While most Ganiadans are armed and trained to fight, regardless of occupation, the main military force comes from these bandits, who receive specialized training and weaponry. They wear higher-quality clothing than most Ganiadan thieves would wear, and are much more adept at the art of concealment, which is their main weapon against enemy forces. At the top of this military force sits the honour guard, whose members are called Raiders, and which are the shadow ruler's personal guard and military force. However, only the fiercest, stealthiest, and most loyal can be even considered to make the honour guard. These elites are used to silence opposition, acquire objects of interest from other kingdoms without detection, and in some cases, incite rioting and chaos in enemy townships.

Allies and Enemies
Ganiada's military support has always been in favour of whichever kingdom could offer the most to them, and so their alliances shift continuously. However, their continued enemies have always been the Delthians, who despise their chaotic way of life, and whom the Ganiadans love to provoke. By association, Kiyanda is also enemies with Ganiada, though their honoured way of life and their belief that Ganiada is without contributes greatly to their dislike for the nation. Ganiada's current allies include Alkemia and Halkonas, having been hired by the two to help combat their combined enemies, Arnoth, Keldor and Kiyanda. In exchange for Ganiada's help, the two kingdoms promise to put forth resistance against Kiyandan raids on Ganiada, and to provide a large sum of Tret, the world-wide currency, to the mercenary nation.