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Arnoth Arnoth
Steadfast warriors, immune to pain, steadily striving to better themselves...

Quick FactsMilitary Ranks

Military Strength:Military Strength
Signature Unit:Warrior
Capitol:Arnoth Falls
Arnothian crest

Arnothians are durable warriors with a knack for taking a beating. They have the highest defensive capability of anyone, able to withstand blow after blow as they use brute force to smash through groups of enemies with a greater chance of survival than most fighters. Nevertheless, no Arnothian is unkillable, and their preference to slow, heavy weaponry to balance out their damaging power makes them vulnerable to "death by a thousand stings". Reckless combat against dangerous mobs of enemies will almost always result in an ironic defeat.

Arnoth is driven by a single motto: "The strong survive". They live for battle and the thrill of a good hunt. Honor is defined by the mettle of a warrior and the strength of his character, and those who cannot apply are considered to be worthless outcasts. Visiting dignitaries are often appalled at the condition of the slums outside Arnothian cities.

Strictly speaking, Arnoth's military is the governing body of the Kingdom. The King is never elected or descended from a royal line, he is simply promoted.

The military is the driving force behind Arnoth. Training coincides with compulsory service, and few warriors choose not to serve once they have achieved the minimum rank of Soldier.
Promotions are awarded by Trainers as warriors increase in strength, but once the rank of Gladiator is achieved, it is up to the Generals to decide who advances further. At the top of the ladder are the Grand Magus and the Supreme General... their loyalty to the King is essential to prevent coups for power.

Allies and Enemies
Arnoth's greatest enemy has always been Alkemia. They were considered to be incredibly dangerous, because their magical ability and careful study of knowledge would have made it quite easy to conquer whoever they wished. After nearly wiping them out in the recent war, however, Arnoth has turned its attention to Halkonas over a centuries-old dispute that has bred hatred and prejudice towards the Knight kingdom.

Kiyanda, meanwhile, has earned a great deal of respect from the Arnothian military for their training and discipline. As Arnothians know nothing of tact, they seek to learn whatever they can from this noble people.

Arnoth as it is known today originally descended from the Warrior clan.

At first, the Warriors knew nothing of honor, nor of organized forces. All they cared about was survival, and they didn't hesitate to kill anyone who threatened it. Eventually, thanks to world events and cooperation with other clans, the Warriors developed into the culture recognizable as Arnoth. Organized under a single banner by a prominent separatist among the second world government, the descendants of the Warriors and those who thought alike became a strong influence. When the corrupted government finally separated, the faction became known as the militaristic Kingdom of Arnoth, led by Tritan the Bold.

During the Great Wars, Arnoth had come to recognize Alkemia as their greatest enemy. They abused magic to no end in the name of self-aggrandisement, and according to the Arnothian code of honor, that could never stand. Eventually, this resulted in the veneration of magic as a whole among the warrior Kingdom, and it became relegated to advanced training, only to be used in battle.

At the height of the war, a scandal arose wherein Halkonas Knights apparently slaughtered an innocent village without mercy, before being slaughtered themselves. Both Kingdoms have blamed each other for the incident ever since, and over time it has bred a hate and prejudice so deep that it may be impossible to reconcile.

Once the Sage Lords had quieted the Great Wars, however, little changed in Arnoth. Though the fighting had stopped, they never let go of their "righteous hatred", and they continued to develop along the ideals solidified during the wars. Tensions ran high, and it was only a matter of time until King Tritan the Fierce, named after the founder of Arnoth, decided to go to war against Alkemia and destroy them once and for all. During the new conflict, Tritan vanished. As yet, no Arnothian knows where he went, or why.

Nevertheless, victory was finally achieved against Alkemia, and the mage Kingdom was left in ruins. The survivors left for far away lands, eventually discovering Dachtura... But for all the people of Arnoth cared, they would never become a threat again as long as the people of Keldor were there to protect the land and its magic from the abuse that sparked their rivalry.

Now, with the Kingdom Wars once again in full outbreak, Arnoth has turned to another foe: Halkonas. Are they truly so heartless, so dangerous? Or is it all an epic misunderstanding? Only time will tell...